Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mr. Fashion!

Yes, just when I thought it was impossible to instill some sort of fashion into my two sons, Daniel steps forward and proves me wrong. Here he is, adorned with the latest styles....

As I sat at the computer trying to do some serious work, my youngest comes to me dressed as you see him about to go outside to play. But wait.... you may wonder what type of play would require such an attire. It seems that not only does Daniel have a touch of style, but he has a mind for safety. He instructed me that him and Timothy were shooting the "soft" air gun out back and that he was wearing this lovely attire to provide protection when shooting the gun.

Well... if you aren't familiar with a soft-air gun, it's a low powered instrument that shoots a plastic pellet. The gun is certainly not lethal and while the pellet does come out with some velocity, Daniel's coverings were probably a little "over kill" for target practice with plastic pellets. But, none the less, I was proud that he took such a cautious position. That was of course, until I found out the reason Daniel had dressed so cautiously.

It seems that Daniel wasn't shooting at targets..... Daniel was the target. Yes.... his big brother had talked him into standing in for a little practice!

p.s... The soft-air gun has been put in a safe place out of the reach of the boys!